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Hampstead Creative Writing

Hampstead Creative Writing, Highgate Road Chapel, Chetwynd Road, NW5 1BU

Summer Term 2014

Mondays 7pm – 9pm, May 19th –July 14th

9 weekly classes

£175 (concessions £150)

Nine workshops in which you will first be taught about character, plot, style and structure, and then can present your work to the class, give feedback to others, discuss ideas.

To enrol, or for more information please contact Will Fraser:
Phone: 07792-066-517

To email Will Fraser click here.

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About the Course

Who can take these classes?

These classes are open to anyone, writing at any standard. You may be writing for publication, you may be writing for fun, you may be writing for a very specific audience, be it friends or family, or you may just be starting to write.

It is very good to have several different styles of writing in the class at any time, so this class is open to novelists, short story writers, children’s writers, non-fiction writers, screenwriters, poets, and any other styles or genres.

Do you need to write in a certain way?

No. You can write in whatever style you are comfortable. There is no right or wrong style, voice or type of work. I will approach your work on its own terms and help you write at your best.

How long should you take the classes?

You pay and enrol for one term at a time. Some people choose to spend only a term in the class. You may be writing shorter pieces or you may need help with a very specific piece of writing.

Other students have been in the class for three years. They are generally writing either a novel or a series of short stories, and write regularly and like to have their work critiqued every few weeks. They treat the class with the seriousness that they would treat a course at a university.

And don’t worry if you have not started to write anything, or have no immediate plans to do so. Some students are simply interested in creative writing and literature, and love to read the work that comes through the class week by week.

How the class works

We do a certain number of classes based around concepts such as form, plot, character, style etc. We can do more or less of these, depending on what people want.

To develop people’s writing ability, we can do class exercises, and brainstorm for ideas for short or long pieces.

As and when people are writing short stories, essays or sections of a longer work, we will create a rota so that two people are presenting work each week.

You email it out to a deadline a few days before class. Everyone prints out the work and brings it in, having read and made annotations.

We then discuss the work, and at the end of the hour everyone gives back to the one presenting the copies of their work, which have everyone’s comments on them.

What do you get out of it?

First, your writing improves. You will get a tremendous amount of constructive criticism and ideas every time you present work to the class.

Also, your critical thinking and close reading abilities improve as you read other people’s work and learn how to judge it and how to express your opinions.

Reading and writing can improve your life immeasurably. The way you read will change, the way you see the world will change. You will be empowered by seeing deeper meanings in other written work, and by the ability to express yourself in deeper and more manifold ways.

Who teaches the course?

Will Fraser is a writer, film-maker, musician and teacher. You can find out a bit more about him here.

In his own words

I have been teaching a weekly creative writing class since 2004. I first taught creative writing while I was a graduate student at the University of Mississippi. I then returned to England and taught for three years in Dorset. I have been teaching creative writing at Fleet Road Community Centre since September 2009.

I was lucky to study at three universities in three countries, Cambridge here in England, Dalhousie in Canada and the University of Mississippi in America. Learning, studying and writing in such different environments has enriched my life, and I am amazed when I think about how many people have put so much over such a long time into my own education. Therefore I feel I should return the favour and be a teacher myself.


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