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Help us fund our new film on the organs' of Aristide Cavaille-Coll.

Pronkjuwelen in Stad en Ommeland

Pronkjewelen in Stad en Ommeland - The historic organs of the province of GroningenThe Historic Organs of the province of Groningen Reviews

from Choir and Organ:

I cannot commend it highly enough. The combination of text, DVD and CD recordings form a wonderfully informative trio of material. The balance between overview and detail is just right, and I enjoyed the CDs all the more for having seen the DVD first.

Graham Scott, Choir and Organ

This DVD offers an utterly enthralling way to learn about the Dutch and north German organ tradition.

Graeme Kay, Choir and Organ

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from The Organists' Review:

This is quite the most beautifully produced volume that I have ever seen. The playing is impeccable and the sounds of the organs are a delight. To describe the DVD in a few words: a veritable feast! This whole set is a work of art and a labour of love – a real collector’s piece. Truly impressive.

Richard Popple, Organists’ Review

"Almost Vermeer-like elegance... I found this film captivating."

Francis O'Gorman, Organists' Review

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from the Organ Club Journal Review:

What more can I say about this fantastic project?  I have been bowled over by the sight and sounds of everything contained in that unassuming slipcase.  It is an object lesson in how to tackle organ histiography in such a way that whether your interest is history, culture, religion in Europe, organs or organ music you will be thoroughly satisfied, entertained, informed and delighted by this ‘must have’ addition to any organ lover’s collection.

Steve Dunk, Organ Club Journal

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