“The most authoritative and comprehensive filmed survey and detailed exploration of César Franck’s organ music.”

Gramophone Magazine, DVD of the Month April 2015

David Noel-Hudson’s playing “flows effortlessly… he balances poetry with a deep sense of form.”

Gramophone Magazine

“David Noël-Hudson writes beautifully (in the booklet’s essay) and plays divinely … his playing is authoritative, expressive and shapely… If you’re a Franck fan, or looking for a set of his complete organ music on both video and CD that is wonderfully recorded on the ‘right’ instruments, or if you’re a Cavaillé-Coll aficionado, then this lavishly produced boxed set is for you.”

New Zealand Organ Journal

Award winning production of documentary films

We make films for the discerning viewer that are challenging, engaging, and engrossing. Our work is available to buy in beautifully-produced multi-disc boxed sets.

Fugue State Films is run by film-maker Will Fraser. Founded in 2007, for ten years it was a partnership between Will and Simon Still, during which time we established ourselves as one of the leading makers of films about music such as The Genius of Cavaillé-Coll and Maximum Reger.

Our films garnered excellent reviews, our

favourite being: “You should buy this set. Mortgage your house, sell your relatives into slavery, but get it!” (Musicweb International). We have won best DVD in the BBC Music Magazine Awards, the Deutschen Schallplattenkritikpreis three times, and we even made the six o’clock news in New Zealand.

Our goal is to make films of the highest quality about the best classical music, films that both summarise present attitudes while seeking new views and pushing new opinions.

For instance Maximum Reger successfully reappraised the great romantic modernist composer.

Central to this goal is the creation of an ongoing set of wonderful films showcase the pipe organ and the beautiful music of its repertoire, the intricate details and magnificent totality of the instrument itself, and the work of the celebrated artists who play it.