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The English Organ


The English Organ, a ‘dazzling showcase of repertoire and instruments’ (Gramophone Magazine), presented by Daniel Moult and filmed over more than a year in forty locations in three continents, is the definitive documentary about the story of the English organ and its music over five hundred years. ‘Emphatically and urgently recommended,’ writes Fanfare Magazine, ‘this is one of the most important organ recordings of all time, and a model of how music documentaries ought to be done.’

from fugue state films
genres: documentary, music
duration: 13 hours 23 minutes
availability: worldwide

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1. The English Organ Documentary Part 1

2. Ludlow Wetheringsett Demo

3. Ludlow Wetheringsett Byrd Fantasia

4. Adlington Demo

5. Adlington Purcell Voluntary

6. Aldgate Demo

7. Aldgate Purcell Voluntary

8. Spitalfields Demo

9. Spitalfields Handel Concerto

10. Clare Demo

11. Clare Green Voluntary

12. Ponsonby Demo

13. Ponsonby Boyce Voluntary

14. Ashridge Demo

15. Ashridge Wesley Chorale, Song and Fugue

16. Bermondsey Demo

17. Bermondsey Russell Voluntary

18. Kidderminster Demo

19. Kidderminster Smart Andante

20. Kidderminster Bach Das alte Jahr

21. Kidderminster Bach In dir ist Freude

22. Limehouse Demo

23. Limehouse Wesley Larghetto

24. Limehouse Bach Nun Komm der Heiden Heiland

25. Limehouse Bach Herr Christ der Ein’ge Gottes Sohn

26. St George’s Hall Demo

27. St George’s Hall Mendelssohn War March of the Priests

28. Scudamore Demo

29. Scudamore Demo31 Scudamore Monk Angel Voices

30. Walton Breck Demo

31. Walton Breck Mendelssohn Andante