A Legend Reborn: The Voice of King’s

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A Legend Reborn:

The Voice of King’s

An extensive documentary film detailing the restoration of the iconic 1934 Harrison and Harrison organ of King’s College, Cambridge.

Filmed over more than a year at all stages of the restoration, and presented and narrated by David Briggs, this is the ultimate in-depth portrait of the rebirth of one of the world’s most famous musical instruments.

In addition to the documentary, the boxset includes an extraordinary set of filmed performances, also duplicated over the two CDs, by organ scholars past and present. David Briggs improvises, and Robert Quinney, Ashley Grote, Tom Winpenny, Richard Gowers, Henry Websdale and Donal McCann play a wonderful range of music by Bach, Mendelssohn, Reger, Vaughan-Williams, Bridge, Howells, Murrill, Vierne, Dupré, Alain, Messiaen and Bingham.

from fugue state films
genres: documentary, music
duration: 13 hours 23 minutes
availability: worldwide

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1. The Voice of King’s: A Legend Reborn; Documentary

2. The Voice of King’s: A Legend Reborn; FSFDVD013; DVD2 Recital by 7 Former Organ Scholars