Once Upon a Time in Knoxville

Once Upon a Time in Knoxville

“A fresh perspective and fun way to ponder the future of the human race” Film Threat

“A delightfully amiable guide to an alternative way of life” David Gillam, Wales One World Film Festival

Once Upon a Time in Knoxville uplifts us with the tale of recycling visionary Rollo Sullivan. Rollo hits us with a vision of the resources collapse that awaits us. But where other eco-warriors preach and bore, Rollo revives us with a tableau of fainting goats, talking monkeys and spiritual trash dumps. He’s created a paradise out of garbage, and he wants to show us not just how we can live, but how we will be living in the not too distant future. He shows us his brave new world with great humour, but his clear-thinking foresight will stay with you long after the lights have come up.

DVD features: Documentary film ‘Once Upon a Time in Knoxville’, Photo menus and 20 minutes of extras featuring Rollo and his tenants, DVD Running Time ~80 mins.

  • 1 DVD | Limited Edition | PAL & NTSC ON DVD10 | 16:9 Widescreen | Region Free | Dolby Digital |